Product & Services

Import is any goods or commodity, brought into one country from another country by using L/C instrument to support this activity. Import can also be done without L/C. It is suitable in circumstances where the buyer’s solvency is not in doubt.

Type of service:

A binding document that buyer can request from their Bank in order to guarantee that the payment of goods will be made.

This service consist of:

  1. Sight L/C
    A letter of credit that is payable once it is presented along with the necessary documents.
  2. Usance L/C
    A letter of credit that usual period allowed for payment of a bill of exchange not refer to a fixed period but varies according to the tenor.
  3. Bills Collection
    Bills collection is a collection of document and draft. This collection is use for import without L/C, that the payment will be requested to the drawer by the Bank.
  4. Import Tax Payment
    A service related to import tax activities related to governmental tax on the value of a product that is imported by customer.

A. Benefit and Risk


  1. To guarantee the payment and goods delivering comply with agreement that was made.
  2. Opening process of import L/C faster and easier to be proceeding at the same day if submitting document before the cut off time at 11.30 am.
  3. Our professional employee will help customer's problem in conducting import transaction.


1.     Market Risk

Risk occurred due to market interest and foreign exchange fluctuation.

2.     Operational Risk

Dysfunction of internal risk, human error, system failure or external problem.

3.      Credit Risk

Risk occurred due to the inability of third parties to settle their obligations.

B. Procedures and Using Guidance

Our Customers

To perform L/C transaction you should be our customer first.

Fufill the opening Letter of Credit (LC) application and sign the Letter of Credit aggrement with stamp duty by attaching:

• Importer Identification Number Card.
• Copy of Article of Association and its amendment.
• Copy of Tax Identification Number.
• Copy of Company Business Permit Letter / BKPM License.
• Copy of Company Registration.
• Copy of Business License.
• Copy of Identity Card/Passport/KITAS.
• Signature Card.

C. Charges

Cost related to service are:

Services Biaya
Letter of Credit       Issuance ½% (min eqv. USD 10) + Swift charge
Swift charge to Resona Group for Issuance Eqv. USD 22.50
Swift charge to Non-Resona Group for Issuance Eqv. USD 25
Amendment   Increase amount:
½% (min eqv. USD 10) + Swift charge
Eqv. USD 10 + Swift charge
Swift charge for Amendment Eqv. USD 12,50
Tracer Charge Eqv. USD 20/item


Services Biaya
Documentation with L/C   T/R Commission (acceptance) T/R amount x 1% pa x period
Settlement  Same Ccy ⅛% (min eqv. USD 10 max eqv. USD 250)
Exchange Our rate*


Services Biaya
Documentation without L/C    Collect Commission ¼% (min eqv. USD 10 max eqv. USD 250)
Settlement  Same Ccy ⅛% (min eqv. USD 10 max eqv. USD 250)
Exchange Our rate*
 Swift Charge Eqv. USD 30

*Application for exchange currency is proceed at the same day with settlement L/C

D. Terms

Import service is valid during commerce transaction and will be ended if the commerce transaction had been settled between purchaser, seller and its intermediary (Bank).