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Customer Call Center

Kindly contact us at (021) 570 1445 for information related to the followings:

  1. Inquiry on your account balance and transaction
  2. Information on foreign exchange rate
  3. Inquiry on status of your incoming and outgoing funds transfer

The above phone number is a save direct line, we cannot directing you to this line if the incoming call is come from (021) 570 1958.

Customer Complaint Handling Mechanism

Customer Complaint Handling Mechanism

In accordance with the Financial Services Authority Regulation, Bank Resona Perdania must inform the mechanism and provide media of Customer Complaint handling that can be used by Customer to submit Complaint regarding products and services we have.

Procedure of Submitting and Handling Customer Complaint

 Written complaints can be submitted to the email address


Flow of Delivery and Settlement of Customer Complaint

If the settlement of the Complaint submitted by Bank does not satisfy the Customer

In the event that the Complaint settlement has not satisfied the Customer, the Complaint settlement efforts can be continued through banking Facilitation / Mediation by the Bank Indonesia Regulatory (BI) or Financial Services Authority (OJK) and / or off-court settlement namely the Alternative Institutions for Financial Services Sector Dispute Settlement (LAPS SJK)