Product & Services

File Name Download
Fax Indemnity Form - Head Office
Fax Indemnity Form - Bandung Branch
Application of Bank Guarantee Issuance
Application for Opening Irrevocable L/C / Local L/C
Terms and Conditions for opening Irrevocable Letter of Credit (L/C) and Local LC
Trust Receipt Form
Application for Export Negotiation / Collection
Terms and Conditions for Export Negotiation / Collection
Bill of Exchange
Letter of Guarantee
Proposal Letter to Change Collection to Become Negotiation Transaction
Statement Letter of Accelerated Payment
E-Statement & E-Note Registration Form
Internet Banking Registration Form
Amendment Form of Internet Banking Service
Closing Form of Internet Banking Services
Internet Banking Receipt Form
Insured Deposit Interest Rate and Customer Statement Letter
Statement Letter To Buy/Sell Foreign Currency
Satisfaction Questionnaire Customer Complaint Handling
Power of Attorney and Exportir Importir Statement Attachement 1 and 2
Application of SLBC Issuance
Promissory Note - Head Office
Promissory Note - Bandung Branch
Promissory Note - Surabaya Branch
Application for Amendment of Letter of Credit