Product & Services

Loan is fund or bill provided based on lending agreement between bank and other parties. Borrowing parties have obligation to settle its debt on period as mentioned on the agreement that has been agreed.

Loan divided into short-term, middle-term and long-term loan. For short term loan is more utilized for working capital and long-term loan is utilized for investment loan.

Type of Product :

Overdraft Loan. This is debit balance loan on your account; this loan is automatically covering the lack of balance on your account. This loan is given in maximum 1 (one) year term.

Rupiah Currency Loan. Loan facility in Rupiah currency.

Foreign Currency Loan. Loan Facility in foreign currency.

Rupiah or Foreign Exchange Export Loan. Loan facility related with export transaction.

A. Benefit and risk


  1. As facility to increase customer’s capital and developing customer’s business activity.
  2. As customer’s financial security facility.
  3. As capital source for customer’s expansions.
  4. As a tool to keep customer’s liquidity.


1. Credit Risk

Risk occurred due to the inability of third party to settle its obligation.

2. Market Risk

Risk occurred due to market interest and foreign exchange fluctuation.

3. Operational Risk

The dysfunction of internal process, human error, failure of system or external problem.

4. Law Risk

Infirmity jurisdiction aspect of binding contract.

5. Risk For Customer

Floating rate / interest rate is not set and fluctuate according to market rates.

B. Procedures and Using Guidance

Requirements to acquire credit facility:

Applying to be our customers.

Applying loan proposal by attaching copy of:

  • Company deed of establishment and its amendment.
  • Article of Association and its amendment.
  • Company Profile.
  • Management Identification
  • Tax Identification Number.
  • Company Registration.
  • Company Business License.
  • Financial Audited Report for the last 3 (three) years.

C. Costs

Provision is a cost that imposed to loan facility. Amount of provision cost is negotiable.

Provision Calculation

Provision = Facility Value x Provision x Terms / 12 months

Provision amount will be determined at the acquiring loan facility and its extension time.

D. Interest Calculation

Interest. Loan interest is calculated in daily basis from the outstanding facility.

Interest calculation Method

        Interest =Outstanding Balance x Interest x Terms / 360 days

Loan interest rate is fluctuating in line with market condition.

E. Terms

Short-Term Loan. Loan with less than one-year payment terms.
Middle-Term Loan. Loan with more than one year and less than three years payment terms.
Long-Term Loan. Loan with more than three years payment terms.