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Sustainability Report 2023

Strengthening Foundation Enhancing Sustainable Performance

Bank Resona Perdania (Bank) designated the year 2023 as a "Reposition Year", which means emphasizing its unique value and building a strong repositioning in the niche market. The theme "Strengthening Foundation Enhancing Sustainable Performance" shows strategic efforts and steps in strengthening the Bank's foundation as a basis for improving performance in a sustainable manner. Strengthening the Bank's foundations is carried out through improving policies and infrastructure related to Sustainable Business Activity Category (KKUB) credit and Green Taxonomy credit. Credit distribution was conducted prudently, directed towards economically profitable sectors such as manufacturing and financial intermediaries.

Furthermore, the Bank is reconstructing its credit organization structure to make it more "agile" and support business growth. This is then followed by strengthening human resources through training programs to increase capacity and quality of knowledge related to credit risk,
Green Taxonomy, KKUB and so on. Additionally, the Bank is implementing a mission simplify, streamlining credit processes and procedures to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. To enhance service quality, the Bank has undertaken improvements in internet banking and increased information security measures. Moreover, the Bank has adopted a prudent strategic policy by forming high loan impairment expense as a measure for credit risk mitigation, with the aim of significantly improving financial performance in the following years and maintaining business sustainability.

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