Corporate Secretary

SR 2022

Constant Improvements Enhancing Sustainability

PT Bank Resona Perdania (the Bank) implements continuous improvement to provide banking products and services that meet the needs of community and enhance the customer satisfaction. In 2022, the Bank identified and mapped its loan portfolio in the sustainable finance category profile. In 2023, the Bank will distribute new sustainable financial products and/or services to 5 (five) debtors/customers that have implemented the sustainable finance principles.

In addition, the Bank also establishes sustainable culture improvement internally for employees and improve awareness and understanding of social, environmental, and governance risks, improve work ethics, as well as optimize human resources (HR). Those initiatives are supported with the organizational development, including the appointment of 2 (two) Senior Executive Vice Presidents (SEVP) that is one management level above the Heads of Divisions and are responsible for “Planning and Finance and Business Strategy” and “Operational, Settlement and Correspondent and Branches” functions, as well as establishment Credit Portfolio Management Division, Business Development Division 7, and Middle Office Division.

Commitment to continuously making improvement is expected to gain sustainability awareness of the Bank’s personnel and related stakeholders. It also supports the Bank’s business development targets in the local corporate segment that has business relationship with Japan. Moreover, those efforts will be sustained with the Bank’s contribution to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) through CSR activities, namely BRP Cerdas (community education), BRP Sehat (community health), BRP Hijau (nature and environment preservation), and BRP Berkelanjutan (community empowerment).

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Constant Improvements Enhancing Sustainability