Product & Services

As a partner in enhancing your business, Bank Resona Perdania Giro support and convenience for your business transactions. Current Account is other party’s saving on Bank that the withdrawal can be done in every time by using cheque, bilyet and other payment instrument or transfers.

A. Benefit and Risk


  1. As fund deposits facility.
  2. As facility to maintain customer's financial stability.
  3. Provide security in depositing the fund.
  4. Covered by IDIC/LPS in accordance with the prevailing regulation.


  1. Market Risk
    Risk occurred due to market interest fluctuation.
  2. Operational Risk
    The dysfunction of internal process, human error, system failure or external event.
  3. Risk For Customers
    If the Bank subject to liquidation, then the customer deposits funds cannot fully paid, but only be paid according amount covered by the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS), with the deposit interest rate according to the specified LPS maximum interest rate.

B. Procedures and Guidance
Comply with current account opening requirements as mentioned in current account opening application form.

Fill in the current account opening application and other requirement forms, by attaching:

  • Individual
    Copy of Identification Card / Passport / KITAS and or Tax Identification.
  • Corporate
    Copy of the deed of establishment, amendment of the Article of Association, Tax Identification Number, Company Business Permit Letter/Permanent License, Company Registration/Business Registration Number, Domicile Permit, and Decree from the Minister of Law and Human Rights.

Minimum Initial Deposit
Depositing the minimum initial deposit for opening current account for:

Type of Customers Minimum Initial Deposit
Corporate    Refer to the Fees and Charges

Minimum Average Balance and Charges Requirements
Refer to the Fees and Charges

C. Charges

Services Charges
I. Opening Account  
  • Stamp Duty
II. Cash Deposit  
  • Cash Deposit Fee for USD and JPY For Customer Credit to account
Refer to the Fees and Charges
  • Cash Deposit Fee for USD and JPY For Customer Transfer
  • Cash Deposit Fee for USD and JPY For Non Customer Transfer
III. Cash Withdrawal  
  • Cash Withdrawal for USD, JPY, AND CNY
Refer to the Fees and Charges
IV. Internal Transfer  
  • Internal Transfer For Same Currency
Refer to the Fees and Charges
  • Internal Transfer For Currency Exchange
V. Closing Account  
  • Account in IDR or Other Currency
Refer to the Fees and Charges
  • Stamp Duty
VI. Others  
  • Checkbook and Giro Book
Refer to the Fees and Charges    
  • Administration Fee | Account in IDR or Other Currency
  • Copy of Bank Statement
  • Copy of Note

D. Interest Calculation
Interest for current account is calculated by following condition :
Based on the average balance : the amount of the average balance refer to the Fees and Charges

Interest Calculation Method
Interest = Average Balance x Interest Rate x Days / 360

E. Others
Current account will be non-activated if the customers do not have any transaction within 6 (six) months in a row.