Product & Services

Operational Service Hour of PT Bank Resona Perdania


Services  Time Limit Service
1. Counter :  
   -Clearing 12.00 PM 
   -Transfer :  
       a. IDR Currency 12.00 PM 
       b. Foreign Currency 12.00 PM
   -Tax Payment 03.00 PM
   -Overbooking 02.30 PM
   -Withdrawal and Cash Deposit 02.30 PM
   -Deposit 02.30 PM
 2. Internet Banking / IB Perdania Direct  
     -Transfer :  
         a. IDR Currency  03.00 PM
         b. Foreign Currency  01.30 PM
     -Tax Payment  04.00 PM
     -Overbooking  04.00 PM
     -Deposit  04.00 PM
 Note : Application acceptance to be process on the same day 

*Note: During the PSBB transition, there is a changes of Tax Cut Off Time (COT) through counter and fax & COT Internet Banking transactions, the detail can be seen on these following link: