Corporate Secretary

Annual Report 2022

Resurging Higher Rising Stronger

The year 2022 was a year of recovery for the Indonesian economy, even despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic had not yet completely subsided and even with the global economy still being filled with uncertainty. This recovery inspired the Bank to designate 2022 as a “Resurgence Year” that served as initial momentum for the Bank to start a five-year Corporate Plan (2022-2026). Throughout 2022, the Bank made consistent improvements in all aspects of its finances, governance
and risk management.

The Bank is always committed to continuously developing, as part of its efforts to raise itself higher and make itself even stronger. It realized by implementing a strategiccapital increase, managing funding sources, increasing productive asset quality, organizational reconstruction, increasing the ability of human resources, and improved credit risk management. The Bank is also committed to continuously improving its quality of service to customers in order to achieve its vision and mission. The Bank is ready to welcome the coming year with high spirits. It has proclaimed year 2023 as a “Reposition Year” by building a strong reposition in the niche market. It’s a year that the Bank developing its business capacity and optimizing a larger market share.


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