Internet Banking Perdania Direct

Self Security Awareness – Internet Banking is user awareness to ensure transactional security thru Internet Banking.

Below is tips to improve your security in using Internet Banking - Perdania Direct:

A. Security Tips

  1. Corporate ID, User ID, Password and Token PIN should keep by yourself.
  2. Change application password and/or Token PIN on regular basis.
    a. Password recommended using combination of number, letter and special character
    b. Avoid using personal information as your Token PIN.
  3. Access Internet Banking - Perdania Direct by link to or link to
    Inet Banking
  4. Aware of fraud attempt by phone, fax or email that asking for your personal information such as Corporate ID, User ID, Password and Token PIN.
  5. Avoid leave PC/Laptop unattended when using Internet Banking - Perdania Direct.
  6. Logout after use Internet Banking - Perdania Direct.
  7. Update Internet Banking - Perdania Direct user data on regular basis.
  8. Avoid access Internet Banking - Perdania Direct at public. Or avoid disclose your Corporate ID, User ID, Password and/or Token PIN.
  9. If you forget Password and/or Token PIN, contact Internet Banking - Perdania Direct support at: or 021 - 5707278

B. PC/Laptop Security

  1. Use updated antivirus software on your PC/Laptop.
  2. Use firewall software/hardware for additional security from unauthorized access
  3. Avoid install software from unknown source.
  4. Download software from known source or scan downloaded file and/or email.
  5. Do not respond to unsolicited and/or suspicious email.

C. Fraud

Phishing is fraud randomly sent to email to gain personal or banking information. Email is link to counterfeited website that have almost the same and interface as Bank website.

Tips to recognize Phishing:

  1. Link to another website. Phishing link and/or attachment file contains software that able to record all information in PC/Laptop, including Corporate ID, User ID or Password.
  2. Phishing request Corporate ID, User ID, Password, Account No, and confidential information by asking
    a. Statement to update information using form in email or direct link to URL or website.
    b. Information of unauthorized access to account number that need validation or verification.
    c. Statement that account is block because unusual transaction and require validation or verification
  3. Email using font, signature, disclaimer or unusual language
  4. Website using logo, banner, picture and/or unusual interface.

Contact us if you find any fraud attempt. If you already disclosed your confidential information, change your password and contact Internet Banking Support.