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Factoring is a financing activity in the form of purchasing and or transferring also managing of receivable or short term receivable of entity from trading transaction whereas bank could bear all risk uncollectible receivable from obligor.


  1. Purchaser
    Institution who do the financing activities inform of purchasing and or transferring also managing of company’s receivable or short term receivable from trading transactions.
  2. Seller
    A company who sell and or transferring receivables from trading activities.
  3. Obligor
    A company or third party who buys goods from seller which the payment conducted in credit.
  4. Receivable
    Liability owned by obligor to seller for goods that has been purchased by obligor.

A. Benefit and Risk


  1. Supporting selling administration and customer’s collection activity.
  2. Decreasing payment default risk.
  3. Improve customer’s collection system.
  4. Accelerate Customer capital turn over.
  5. Improving customer’s opportunity to develop their business.


1. Credit Risk

Risk occurred due to the inability of third party to settle its obligation.

2. Market Risk

Risk occurred due to market interest and foreign exchange fluctuation.

3. Operational Risk

The dysfunction of internal process, human error, failure of system or external problem.

4. Law Risk

Infirmity jurisdiction aspect of binding contract.

5. Risk For Customer

Floating rate / interest rate is not set and fluctuate according to market rates.

B. Procedures and Using Guidance

  1. Having account at Bank Resona Perdania.
  2. Seller has trading transaction with obligor.
  3. Individual:
    Copy of ID card / Passport / KITAS.
  4. Company:
    Copy of deed of Establishment, Tax Identity Number, Company Business Permit Letter, Company Registration and Domicile Permission.

C. Costs

  1. Interest or Discount
    Discount imposed to account receivable taken from seller due to the payment conducted before the due date. This cost can be negotiated and will be reviewed periodically.
  2. Administration Fee
    Administration fee is charged to the seller based on working expense and risk that is borned by the bank. This fee can be negotiated and will be reviewed periodically.

D. Terms

Factoring facility is valid for 1 year.