Product & Services

Bank Resona Perdania provide export service to make it easier in selling buying transaction International.Eksport Transaction is The activities of issuing (selling) goods from domestic to overseas can use the instruments of L/C and non L/C to support this activities.

A. Benefit and Risk

  1. Quick and Easy. Your export document will be processed in the same day if the application received before 12.00 am.
  2. Economic Cost. We have competitive cost.
  3. Professional and warm service from our staff to makes you feel comfortable in using our Bank and discussing your export problem.


1.     Market Risk

Risk occurred due to market interest and foreign exchange fluctuation.

2.     Operational Risk

Dysfunction of internal risk, human error, system failure or external problem.

3.      Credit Risk

Risk occurred due to the inability of third parties to settle their obligations.

B. Procedures and Using Guidance

Application. Completing the application by attaching (for new customer):

  • Copy of Article of Association and its amendment.
  • Copy of Tax Identification Number.
  • Copy of Company Business Permit Letter.
  • Copy of Company Registration.
  • Copy of Business License.
  • Copy of Identity Card/Passport/KITAS.
  • Signature Card.
  • Power of Attorney Signature Card.
  • Special Power of Attorney Signature Card.

C. Export Facility


Negotiation is a service to purchase drafts under a documentary credit, which the issuing Bank has undertaken to pay before payment from issuing Bank. We are ready to negotiate your export document quickly and safely.


Collection is a service that we provide from exporter’s instruction to collect payment from importer.

Advising L/C
Advising L/C is notification by mail or swift message from issuing Bank that will be adviced through advising Bank to beneficiary.

D. Charges

Services Biaya
Letter of credit    Advising Customer Eqv. USD 20/item + swift charge (if any)
  Walk-in-Customer Eqv. USD 50/item + postage or swift charges (if any)
Advising Amendment Customer Eqv. USD 15/item
  Walk-in-Customer Eqv. USD 35/item + postage or swift charges (if any)


Services Biaya
Documentary   With L/C ¼% (min eqv USD 10 max eqv. USD 2.500) + courier charge + postage (if any)
Without L/C ¼% (min eqv. USD 10 max eqv. USD 2.500) + courir charge + postage (if any)
Trace Charge Eqv. USD 20/item
Courier Charge As charged by Courier Agent
Postage Eqv. USD 10