About Perdania

For almost 6 (six) decades, PT Bank Resona Perdania (Bank Resona Perdania/Bank) has contributed to serving businesses and industries in Indonesia. Since the commencement of its operation on February 1, 1958, as the first joint venture Bank in Indonesia, the Bank has maintained its focus on its main objective, which is to support the realization of better economic cooperation between Japan and Indonesia under the principle of service excellence for all customers.

As the challenges of the era and the demands of the industry grew more complex, aggressive, and competitive, the Bank continued to adapt through several names. In 1994, the Bank changed its name to Daiwa Perdania Bank, subsequently to Bank Daiwa Perdania in 1999, and lastly in 2003 to Bank Resona Perdania.

The Bank’s efforts to accommodate customers’ interests in quality services are manifested in the various products and services made available to the customers by the Bank including deposit, loan, import, export, bank guarantee, remittance and other banking transactions. The variety of services is a reflection of the Bank’s commitment to customer satisfaction that is further cemented by the slogan “Your Real Partner” and serves as the Bank’s statement of preparedness to grow and develop with the customers.

In maintaining its positive performance, the Bank is supported by foreign shareholders who are experienced and reputable in the global banking industry, namely Resona Bank Ltd., Japan and The Bank of East Asia Ltd., Hong Kong.


The Bank’s Shareholders at a Glance:

Resona Bank Ltd., Japan

Resona Bank Ltd., Japan, was established in 1918 with a Head Office in Japan. It is a part of Resona Group, and is one of the biggest banking groups in Japan. Providing a variety of financial products and services to retail and corporate customers. It owns many domestic branches and a few representative offices abroad. Resona Bank Ltd., is ranked 9th in Japan and 87th in the world.

The Bank of East Asia Ltd., Hong Kong (BEA)

The Bank of East Asia Ltd., Hong Kong, was established in 1918 with a Head Office in Hong Kong. BEA is the biggest independent local banks in Hong Kong. Listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as constituent stock in Hang Seng Index. Dedicated to helping customers grow and prosper through a variety of comprehensive services, namely commercial banking, personal banking, wealth management, and investment services. BEA has 89 branches, 62 Supreme Gold Centres and 9 i-Financial Centres. BEA is ranked 5th in Hong Kong and 203rd in the world.


Reaching the Market with 3 Unique Selling Point (USP)

During 58 years of experience through various dynamics in the market, Bank Resona Perdania has been growing through the capitalization of the following three competitive advantages:

  1. Extensive knowledge and understanding of local market;
  2. Focus not only on Japanese companies but also on local companies;
  3. Independent Management that enable prompt and flexible decision making.

The Bank continuously improves and hones its expertise to further understand the development of the banking industry as well as provide the best to all stakeholders.


Banks Rating 

 Type Rating Agency
Rating Period
(Medium Term Note)
PEFINDO idAA-(Double A Minus)

Nov 9, 2017-Nov 1, 2018

Corporate Rating PEFINDO idAA-(Double A Minus: Stable Outlook)

Nov 9, 2017-Nov 1, 2018

Corporate Rating  PEFINDO idAA-(Double A Minus: Stable Outlook)

Nov 7, 2016-Nov 1, 2017