About Perdania

  • February 1958

    Bank Perdania officially operate in Jakarta, Indonesia based on Finance Ministry Decree No. 260486/U.M. II dated December 23, 1957 regarding permit to operate the business as a commercial bank. The Bank was established as a means to facilitate better economic cooperation between Japan and Indonesia. This event also served as the nucleus for the formation of Bank Resona Perdania.

  • April 1969

    Bank Perdania officially operate as a foreign-exchange bank licensed to conduct forex transactions.

  • October 1974

    Bank Perdania established a working relationship with Bank NISP Tbk to explore potential market opportunities in Jakarta and its surrounding areas.

  • August 1984

    To add its service variants, Bank Perdania collaborated with some national and foreign companies to establish PT Resona Indonesia Finance, formerly known as PT Daiwa Lippo Leasing Corporation.

  • May 1989

    Bank Perdania opened its first branch in Surabaya.