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President Director
President Director
Atsushi Tahara

Overall, with a good cooperation from all management and employees, the Bank has managed to realize the business targets and maintain the assets growth and profitability. For the upcoming period, the Bank has confidence to realize positive growth and achieve better accomplishments.

Dear valued shareholders,
Global economic growth in 2015 was accentuated with various challenges and constraints such as the instability of commodity instability and the exchange rates of several currencies, especially in the Euro and Asia zone. The dynamics of global economic growth throughout 2015 became a challenge for the business world and the banking industry in Indonesia. The economic growth rate of 4.79% is the lowest economic growth rate in the last 6 (six) years. This is marked by the decreasing in export performance due to the decreasing commodity prices.

The government plays a big role in the economic stimulation that provides confidence toward the Indonesia’s economic growth. The government’s role was drawn in the newly issued economic policy packages and regulations which aim to drive the Indonesia’s economy.

2015 Performance

Amidst the global economic slowdown, PT Bank Resona Perdania (the Bank) still able to achieve fairly good performance. As reflected in the total assets growth which was recorded as 12.25% which recorded at Rp15.13 trillion in 2014 become Rp16.98 trillion as of the end of 2015.

Throughout 2015, the Bank has strived to improve the assets quality by resolving the non-performing loans thus the NPL gross and NPL net ratio was recorded at 1.15% and 0.95% respectively.

In the midst of uncertainty economic conditions, the Bank in conducting its business approach always puts the prudential principles and take preventive measures in managing and minimizing risk exposure.

The Bank also continuously maintains its capital adequacy and managed to reach 24.04% of capital adequacy ratio by the end of 2015. This capital strengthening, one of factor was the realization of subordinated borrowing which amounted to USD50 million from the Bank’s shareholders, Resona Bank, Ltd., Japan, in April 2015.

Strategic Measures
The Bank’s achievements are inseparable from the effective strategies that have been implemented to face the economic condition and maintain the Bank’s performance. Strategies undertaken by the Bank were the loan disbursement constantly apply with the prudential principles and optimizing relationships with customers. The Bank sets up a Business Development Division that promote China related business. The capital strengthening strategy was carried out by performing a subordinated borrowing from the Bank’s shareholder, Resona Bank, Ltd., Japan. And the General Meeting of Shareholder (GMOS) in June 2015 has decided to increase the Bank’s authorized capital from IDR500 billion to IDR1 trillion. To escalate the commitment as Your Real Partner, the Bank also launched new internet banking application with the aim to further ease the customers’ banking transaction.

Overall, with a good cooperation from all management and employees, the Bank has managed to realize the business targets and maintain the assets growth and profitability. For the upcoming period, the Bank has confidence to realize positive growth and achieve better accomplishments.

Implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) and Integrated Corporate Governance
The Bank realizes the importance of good corporate governance in implementing and achieving business performance. The entire Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners and Employees uphold strong commitment to realize the GCG principles in each of the Bank’s business and operations which are transparency, accountability, responsibility, independency, professional and fairness.

Based on POJK No. 18/POJK.03/2014 regarding the Implementation of Integrated Governance for FinancialConglomerate, the Bank has implemented an integrated corporate governance structure in 2015. The implementation includes the formation of Integrated Governance Committee, preparation of Integrated Governance Guidelines and the adjustment of the Compliance Division duties and responsibilities, the Risk Management Division and the Internal Audit Division to assess the integrated risk.

In 2015, the Bank has conducted a self-assessment for GCG and Integrated Governance which resulted in Bank’s GCG and Corporate Governance Group Resona Bank is GOOD rating.

The Board of Directors Composition Change
Based on the Deed No. 1, dated January 16, 2015, Mr. B. Budijanto Jahja was appointed as the Director in charge for Compliance Function which was previously held by Mr. Muhammad Akbar in concurrent with his position as the Risk Management Director.

2016 Prospect
The Indonesian economy in 2016 will still face various challenges, which will still be influenced by 4 (four) factors: the low commodity prices, the weakening of Chinese economy expected to grow only by 6.5%-7%, the uncertainty of the US Fed’s policy in benchmark interest rate which could affect the Rupiah exchange rate value and other currencies against the US Dollar and the high amount of foreign capital outflow. However, we are confident the Indonesia’s government policy will help improve the national economic growth to the range of 5.2%-5.6%. In line with the economic recovery prospects, the national loan growth and bank financing in 2016 is estimated in the range of 12%- 14% which sustained by the growth of third party funds in the range of 13%-15%.

Entering 2016, we will continue to implement prudential policies and measures. Potential increase of non-performing loans in Indonesia banking sector will remain a major challenge that must be faced. Supported by united commitment from all employees, the Bank will continuously maintaining its asset growth, profit and capital adequacy.

In 2016, the Bank’s primary focus in loan disbursement remains to Japanese and Local Customers and starting from this year the Bank will also begin to optimize the opportunity China related business in Indonesia as well as Bank has added Chinese Yuan (CNY) currency for banking transaction.

Enhancing the credit risk awareness, strengthening the quality of human resources in loan activities, increasing the Bank’s capital and maintain the Bank’s capital adequacy ratio, improving the Bank’s service standards and operational procedure as well as to improve the human resources quality with the recruitment process in accordance with the needs of the Bank, to map the organization functions and tasks, to develop the education programs design and providing clear employees career paths are the Bank’s primary focus in 2016 in order to support the Bank’s business growth and retain the Bank’s soundness rating.

High Appreciation
On behalf of the Board of Directors, allow me to conclude this report by expressing greatest appreciation to our shareholders, Board of Commissioners, business partners, employees, and the community for their trust. Furthermore, we express our gratitude to Regulator for the supervision in order to improve Bank’s performance. With full support from all parties, we believe that Bank Resona Perdania would be able to “soar together to greater heights” as Your Real Partner and continue to realize significant growth as well as deliver the best outputs.


On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Atsushi Tahara
President Director