About Perdania

President Director
President Director
Ichiro Hiramatsu

Entering 2018, Indonesia’s economic trend still maintains positive growth. Bank Indonesia sets the projection of national economic growth in 2018 at around 5.1-5.5%. Some of the main driving factors of the economic growth are the investing activities and household consumption that continue to show progress.

For 60 years Bank Resona Perdania has provided banking services in Indonesia. Armed with 4 (four) competitive advantages, the Bank is committed to spur the improvement in the quality of financial services. Rapid technology development amid the globalization era is one of the main considerations in taking strategic steps in 2018. The Bank is determined to continue to be the trusted and reliable partner for national companies and Japanese companies, as well as deliver a great contribution to Indonesia’s economic growth.

To achieve these goals, I would like to invite all employees, business partners and all stakeholders of Bank Resona Perdania to work together in harmony to build a solid and dynamic Bank. Through the implementation of Bank Resona Perdania values, namely credible, accurate, responsible and enterprising, I am optimistic that the Bank will be among the lead ranks in Indonesia’s banking industry.