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Deposit in our Bank does not use Certificate of Deposit, only use Deposit Confirmation. Deposit On Call (DOC) is Time Deposit that can only be withdrawn with certain prior notification before.

If the withdrawals occurred after maturity date, the amount of excess day will be calculated in deposit on call interest calculation.

Deposit on call placement can be done through transfer or cash deposit.

A. Benefit and risk


  1. As fund deposits facility.
  2. As facility to maintain customer's financial stability.
  3. Provide safety fund depositing facility.
  4. Facility to gain interest profit.
  5. Covered by LPS appropriate with prevailing regulation.


1. Market Risk

Risk occurred due to market interest fluctuation.

2. Operational Risk

The dysfunction of internal process, human error, system failure or external problem.

3. Risk For Customers

  1. If the Bank is exposed to liquidation, then there is risk for customer deposits cannot be paid in fully, but only be paid according nominally covered by the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) with the deposit interest rate according to the LPS interest rate maximum limit that has been set.
  2. If customers withdraw deposits before maturity, the risks arising are as follows:

a. Fines / penalty
b. Interest is not paid in accordance with the deposit rate which has been set at the initial.
c. Interest rate offered is lower than the rate set in the beginning.

Currently, PT Bank Resona Perdania applies point 2.b. If interest paid it has to get approval from the Board of Directors of the Bank.


B. Procedures and Using Guidance

Due date of Time Deposit is refer to business day, if unscheduled holiday occurred, due date will fall on the next business day.

Minimum Deposit

Minimum Deposit On Call Amount Term : 1, 2 week(s) USD 50,000
JPY 500,000
IDR 50,000,000

C. Charges

Services Charges
Cancellation before maturity date No interest for that period
Cash Withdrawal  
IDR Free
Foreign Currency:  
* USD ½ % (min Eqv. USD 5)
* JPY ½ % (min Eqv. USD 5)
*CNY ½ % (min Eqv. USD 5)
Exchange Our rate
Draw Down  
Booked on another internal account:  
* Same currency Free
* Exchange Our rate
Booked on other Bank account LLG or RTGS charge or T/T rate
Stamp duty IDR 6,000


D. Interest Calculation

Interest for Deposit on Call is calculated by following conditions:

Interest Calculation Method
Interest = Nominal x Interest rate x Days / 360

Gross Interest = Nominal x Interest rate x Days / 360 Days

Net Interest = Gross Interest - Tax

Interest and principal draw down of deposit shall be conducted by following:

Draw down procedure

  • Interest capitalization to the principal.
  • Cash withdrawal.
  • Transfer to account and or another account in our Bank.
  • Transfer to the other Bank.

No penalty either its interest for deposits draw down before maturity date.

E. Terms

  • 1 Week
  • 2 Weeks