About Perdania

Financing Products
Nowadays, PT RIF has provided investment financing that consist of:

  1. Finance lease
  2. Sale and leaseback

For the future, PT RIF plans to provide financing facilities in the form of working capital financing with the form of business capital facilities by continue to pay attention to every opportunity to develop its business.

Financing Facility
The financing facilities provided by PT RIF include but not limited to the financing of:

  • Industrial machines (welding, binder, driller, textile machine, etc)
  • Tool and equipment (mold, dies, jig, compressor, etc)
  • Computer and accessories
  • IT tools (software,etc)
  • Passenger cars and commercial vehicle
  • Heavy equipment
  • Vessels
  • Others

Financing Obtaining Procedures
PT Resona Indonesia Finance provides financing facilities for corporations with good and reliable business prospects. To apply for financing facility, you can come directly to our office and meet with our marketing officer at Menara Mulia, 7th Floor, Suite 701, Jl Jend Gatot Subroto Kav 9-11, South Jakarta, or by calling our office at phone number 021-5701956.