27 March 2019

Maximum Interest Rate Deposit Insurance

Maximum Interest Rate Deposit Insurance

To. Our Valued Customers
PT Bank Resona Perdania

Based on Indonesian Deposit Insurance Corporation Circular Letter No. S-27/PB.32/2019 dated March 14th 2019, herewith we inform that maximum interest rate for period January 13th 2019 until May 14th 2019 as stated below:

Period: 13 January 2019 until 14 May 2019

Insured Interest Rate per Annum
IDR Foreign Currency
7.00% 2.25%

Deposit amount insured by IDIC is maximum IDR 2,000,000,000.- (Two Billion Rupiah).

Any difference in rate over the given insured interest rate stated, the deposit is not insured.

Thank you.

With kind regards,
PT Bank Resona Perdania