02 April 2020

Go Live E-Note Service ID Announcement

Go Live E-Note Service ID Announcement

Our Valued Customers
PT Bank Resona Perdania

As part of sustainable finance which among others is by reducing the usage of paper, Bank has conducted development of e-statement service (delivery statement of account by email), in a form of electronic note (e-note) service which is delivery note by email with provisions as follows:

1. Delivery note by email will be applied for :
a. Current account interest with its withholding tax slip which will be started on June 2020 (for calculation of account interest and withholding tax period of May 2020) ;
b. Deposit transaction through counter consists of  note of opening, note of rollover or note of termination which will be started on June 5, 2020 for deposit transaction on June 4, 2020 ;

2. Notes as mentioned in number 1 will be delivered to email address registered in e-statement service ;

3. For Customers who are not registered in e-statement service, notes will not be available ; notes will be available by prior written request and can only be taken at the nearest Bank Resona Perdania office and will be charged in accordance with table in Pricing Guide ; this condition is also applied for re-printing notes ;

Please contact our Customer Call Center at 021-5701445 if you need further information.

Best regards,
PT Bank Resona Perdania