18 August 2020

Extension for Changes of Tax Cut Off Time (COT) Through Counter and Fax & COT Internet Banking Transactions

Extension for Changes of Tax Cut Off Time (COT) Through Counter and Fax & COT Internet Banking Transactions

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PT Bank Resona Perdania

In order to follow up with the press release of Bank Indonesia No. 22/59/DKOM dated August 11, 2020 regarding “BI Set The Schedule of Operational Activities and Public Services in the New Normal Era, Encourage National Economic Recovery”, Ministry of Finance of The Republic Indonesia Directorate General of Treasury (DJPb) Letter No.  S-684/PB/2020 dated August 14, 2020 regarding “Delegation Regulating Policy and Cut-Off Date of State Revenue Book in the New Era of Normality”, and continued our previous announcement No. 013/PGM/BRP/PFD/III/2020 dated March 23, 2020 and No. 036/PGM/BRP/PFD/VIII/2020 dated August 3, 2020, we herewith inform the update of service time, cut off time transactions through counter and fax, cut off time transactions through internet banking and the availability of Sub-Branch Offices’ services as follows:

1. Service Time:
    a. Head Office and Branch Office                                     : 08.30 WIB-13.30 WIB
    b. Sub-Branch Office                                                        : 09.30 WIB-13.30 WIB

2. Cut off transaction time at Head Office and Branch Offices through counter (including fax):
    a. Clearing                                                                       : 11.00 WIB
    b. Transfers  (all currencies)                                            : 11.00 WIB
    c.  • Internal transfers, deposits and cash transactions    : 13.30 WIB
        • Tax                                                                             : 13.30 WIB
        • Foreign Exchange (FX) transaction                            : 13.30 WIB

3. Cut off time transactions at Sub-Branch Offices through counter:
    a. Clearing                                                                         : 10.30 WIB 
    b. Transfers  (all currencies)                                              : 11.00 WIB 
    c. • Internal transfers, deposits and cash transactions      : 13.30 WIB
        • Tax                                                                              : 13.30 WIB
        • Foreign Exchange (FX) transaction                            : 13.30 WIB

4. Cut off time for internet banking transactions:
    a. i) Transfer in Rupiah ccy                                              : 14.30 WIB
        ii) Transfer in Foreign ccy                                            : 13.30 WIB 
    b. Internal transfers and deposits                                    : 15.30 WIB 
    c. Tax                                                                               : 15.00 WIB

5. Sub-Branch Offices Availability
    Suryacipta and Deltamas Sub-Branch Offices are closed temporarily until further information.
    The service will be transferred to the nearest sub branch offices, namely Karawang and Cikarang Sub-Branch Offices.

All transactions received after the cut-off time mentioned above will be processed on the next working day and especially for transfer transaction through counter (include fax), the maximum transaction received per day will be limited to 20 (twenty) applications per Customer, including transactions that will be processed on the following business day.

We strongly advice Customers to conduct banking transactions through internet banking to prevent the widespread of COVID- 19.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your attention.


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PT Bank Resona Perdania