About Perdania

Serving the business world and the industry for 57 years is a proof of the commitment of PT Bank Resona Perdania (Bank Resona Perdania/Bank) to continuously maintain a significant performance. Since the beginning of its operations on February 1, 1958 as the first joint venture bank in Indonesia, Bank Resona Perdania is proud to have always been active in developing the international business established between Japan and Indonesia.

In an effort to sustainably adapt to the challenges and the growingly aggressive industry’s demands, the Bank has made several changes to its name. The first was in 1994 to Perdania Daiwa Bank, then in 1999 to Daiwa Perdania Bank, and the last in 2003 to Bank Resona Perdania. These changes to its identity have always been accompanied by improvements to the Bank’s capability. Various financial products and services are developed to provide high-quality solutions that focus on the customers’ needs, from Export, Import, Remittance, Bank Guarantee, Deposit and Loan, as well as other banking transactions. The variety of services is the embodiment of the Bank's commitment to the slogan Your Real Partner that reflects the Bank's preparedness to meet all customers' needs.

Lifelong experience and learning process have taken the Bank to be recognized through various awards. These achievements further encourage the Bank to continuously improve the premium service quality to the customers and strengthen the internal function thoroughly. These achievements are inseparable from the support of the foreign shareholders with their undoubted reputation and experience, namely: Resona Bank Ltd., Japan and The Bank of East Asia Ltd., Hong Kong.

The Bank’s Shareholders at a Glance:

- Resona Bank Ltd., Japan
Resona Bank, Ltd., was established in 1918 with Head Office located in Japan, also as a part of Resona Group and one of the largest banking groups in Japan. Provide various products and fi nancial services for retail customer and corporation. With many domestic branch offi ces and several representative offi ces overseas, Resona Bank, Ltd., ranks 9th among the banks in Japan and ranks 102nd in the world.

- The Bank of East Asia Ltd., Hong Kong (BEA)
The Bank of East Asia, Ltd., was established in 1918 with Head Offi ce located in Hong Kong. BEA is the largest independent local bank in Hong Kong. BEA is listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as one of the stock contributors to the Hang Seng Index. It is dedicated to guiding thecustomers towards growth and prosperity through various comprehensive services, namely commercial banking, personal banking, wealth management and investment services. BEA has 89 branches, 62 Supreme Gold Centers and 9 i-Financial Centers. BEA ranks 5th among the Banks in Hong Kong and ranks 192nd in the world.

Pursuing Markets with 3 USP (Unique Selling Point)
With over 57 years of experience through various dynamics in the market, Bank Resona Perdania has been growing through the capitalization of the following three competitive advantages:

  1. Extensive knowledge and understanding of the local market;
  2. A focus not only on Japanese companies but also on local companies; and
  3. Independent management that allows prompt and flexible decision-making.

The Bank continuously improves and hones its expertise to further understand the development of the banking industry as well as provide the best to all stakeholders.

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(Medium Term Note)
PEFINDO idAA-(Double A Minus)

Nov 7, 2016-Nov 12, 2016

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PEFINDO idAA-(Double A Minus)

Nov 7, 2016-Nov 1, 2017

Corporate Rating  PEFINDO idAA-(Double A Minus: Stable Outlook)

Nov 7, 2016-Nov 1, 2017